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Veki makes a Web3 wellness device with an AI coach and Social-Fi network. Members take classes with Veki – exercise, meditation, or relaxation – and while completing a wellness plan, earn Tokens and NFTs. 

Members buy Veki Node, a small device that connects to a TV, and select a wellness Plan. A Plan has commitments, difficulty levels, and rewards that increase as a member progresses. If a member misses a commitment in a Plan, rewards will decrease. Rewards grow if a member achieves every commitment.

How Veki Works

Veki uses a device called Node. Node is a small box with the same parts as a computer for a self-driving car, but it lives on a TV, transforming any room into a wellness space. 

A session with Node feels like taking a master class with a human instructor. The difference is that Node augments each class with an AI, giving personalized instruction and guidance. 

Node learns about members, their wellness goals and progress, to help members select a Plan. It organizes classes for each Plan. During class, it understands human movement and gives feedback, as a one-on-one instructor would, rewarding members with Tokens and NFTs for Plan accomplishments and progress made.


Veki profits from monthly membership fees and a small tax placed on transactions. Part of this income is given back to the ecosystem as Token buybacks and to fund creators.

There are three ways members earn:

  1. Dues from inactive members

Becoming a member of Veki means committing to a wellness Plan and paying monthly dues. A Plan with Veki is a contract that lives on a public blockchain. 

Node can adjust a Plan to be achievable, but it knows when life gets in the way. When this happens, dues from inactive and underactive members are sent to an exchange to purchase Tokens at the market rate.

  1. Selling Tokens and NFTs

Individual members own assets in Veki. When members earn Tokens, they can hold onto those Tokens or sell them. 

Veki has an in-app Marketplace that allows members to buy and sell NFTs. If a member finds a rare NFT it does not prefer, they can save it or sell. If a member wants access to features an NFT provides, they can purchase it from Marketplace.

  1. Be a creator

Veki has many components, from machine learning, embedded systems, hardware, and design to wellness plans and classes. We strive for a Social-Fi network where the community is at the center of Veki’s use and future development.


We intend our Social-Fi system to first extend to a) artwork; b) wellness plans and classes; and c) communications and marketing. 

Veki strives for inclusivity and the highest quality standards and will have a Community Garden where ideas go for review. If anyone would like to contribute to an area that does not exist in our Social-Fi portfolio, they are welcome to submit ideas to the Community Garden. 

Details of the Social-Fi system will be released at product launch. 

Pay What You Can

Inclusivity is central to our values and so we are developing a version of Veki that does not require Node and replaces membership dues with a “pay what you can” system. 

Feature access will be limited without Node. With pay what you can pricing, rewards will vary depending on what you contribute.


Veki NFTs have three value points: function, design, and exclusivity. Our NFTs can enable features or alter design characteristics, enhancing experience based on individual preference. Details about Veki NFTs will be announced at beta testing.

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